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Are you a people-pleasing person? Afraid of hurting others' feelings by saying no to them?

Do you chronically worry, overthink situations, or have racing thoughts?

Why do we treat our friends better than ourselves?

Anxiety may make you feel tense, out of breath, nauseous, or feeling like fainting at any moment, I can teach you skills and discover why anxiety is controlling you.

We'll focus on understanding the source of these and other challenges so that with a new awareness you may reclaim your real self.

“I miss the person I used to be.”

In times of personal crisis, it is natural to feel overwhelmed, alone and disconnected from family, friends, and even yourself, but there is more…

you feel burned out or numb. It’s hard to be positive or hopeful.

You try and try but you can’t find the energy to do the things you used to enjoy. You start isolating yourself from friends and family. Nothing ever seems good enough.

You are not alone. We will work together to explore the source of depression.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a method that is highly effective in treating symptoms of depression.

This method in itself utilizes a variety of interventions and strategies so that you can be the person you used to be again.

Berit Heyer-Boyd, MAC, LPC

Berit Heyer-Boyd, MAC, LPC

I graduated in 2001 with a master’s degree in Behavioral Sciences. As a licensed Professional Counselor, I have worked with adult individuals, groups, in outpatient settings, intensive outpatient settings, hospitals, and rehab facilities. In 2013 I earned my certification as Master Addiction Counselor.  

My specialties include anxiety/depression, grief/loss, stress management, personal growth, addiction, and a variety of other issues that may impact your life.

My approach is very personal in developing therapeutic trust and safety in a nurturing environment while healing.

Creating a safe and collaborative experience, I help individuals to resolve a variety of struggles and concerns and move towards greater well-being and growth. You will learn about insights that can liberate yourself from the root of all Fear, Restlessness, Pain, and Addiction.  

The therapy process can help you increase your awareness about your own needs, beliefs, and actions, learn to recognize and change self-defeating patterns, and gain skills to find your true self again.

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